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“Only where there is reason to suspect that conditions could be changed and are not does rage arise”

“That violence often springs from rage is a commonplace, and rage can indeed be irrational and pathological, but so can every other human affect. It is no doubt possible to create conditions under which men are dehumanized—such as concentration camps, … Continue reading

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“Most of all, my heartfelt wish is to get you to understand that I think whatever I say, I not only think it, but love it.”

“Hoc unum plane tibi adprobare vellem: omnia me illa sentire, quae dicerem, nec tantum sentire, sed amare.” –Seneca (Letters, 75)  Latin copy online Michel Foucault modifies the translation, quite beautifully, writing: “that I myself really experience (sentire) the things I say as … Continue reading

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“Not only are we thrown into a world without our choice, but also we are always already existing in a certain way before we can actually choose how we want to exist.”

“Heidegger makes it clear that we can never go back behind this initial throwness and appropriate it in such a way that the nullity inherent in it is removed. The socio-historical situation into which we have been thrown is the … Continue reading

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