“I really don’t think of myself as depressed, so much as paralyzed by hope”

“…I’m still you know on some medication because I went through that dark time, my miniature hamster Benita passed on, she didn’t pass on, I returned her to the pet store, but she’s dead to me…”          –  An Evening With Dr. Katz

Maria Bamford makes the world simultaneously anxious and bearable, just like it is, but at least with her it’s hilarious instead of tragic. (/awkwardsmileyfaceorjustmariasfaceatanopportunetime)

maria bamford


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Collin is a professional writer and scholar. He holds an MA in Philosophy and a BA in English literature. His philosophical work has appeared in print published by Wiley/Blackwell and Open Court. More of his writings, philosophical, literary, comic, and just plain nonsensical are available online. He currently lives in Seattle where he is writing science fiction, dressing up for Cons, and wreaking havoc on his opponents (npcs and tabletop humans alike).
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