“When Students Teach: The Honors Preceptorial” — National Honors Conference Presentation

With the success of the Chapman Honors course “Science NCHC Conference 2011Fiction: Questioning Reality,” a few honors students and I submitted a proposal for a presentation at the upcoming national honors conference. We were accepted, and became part of the “46th Annual Conference of the National Collegiate Honors Council.” It was a great conference, a fun time, and a chance to promote our University’s newly crafted pedagogical methods on a national level. (And to think it all started off with my indignation that the English department wouldn’t teach a sci-fi class).

Emma Castor, Carmichael Peters, Collin Pointon, and Michael Rushman

Conference Presentation

Title: When Students Teach: The Honors Preceptorial

Description: Preceptorials are designed and run by students. Students from Chapman University’s Honors Program created and taught the preceptorial HON-329 Science Fiction: Questioning Reality. Each participant brought forward material to present and discuss. Free of the influence of academic superiors, students learned from peers in a uniquely diverse intellectual atmosphere.

(Check out a PDF of the Powerpoint):

When Students Teach Pres

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