“Covered in Beeees!”

Man this is cool.

carpenter bee

I mean even if you were to hate insects, “Creatures!” as one friend of mine calls them, this would still amaze you to a point far beyond your insectophobia. “There are 4,000 species of North American bees living north of Mexico.” Staggering isn’t it? And while so many of us harbor a fear and loathing of all Apoidea, how often have we actually been stung by them? It seems easy to demonize them as we fire Raid foam straight through their hive doors and up their asses. But it’s their world, not ours, if you consider they’ve inhabited the Earth since the Cretaceous and that they’ve been providing the most crucial worldwide reproduction (and thus evolution) of Angiosperms since then. 

If you continue down the path of entymology you find astounding data–like that during the height of a “spring build-up” a queen honey bee lays 2,000 eggs PER DAY! That’s an absurd amount of caloric intake in order to fulfill the caloric burn of this one lady industrial maternity operation. And don’t get started on bee social behavior and communication. That is an ocean of information so vast you need Trigonometry for it!

There is much to learn. Taking beekeeping up as a hobby does have one slight downside though, a very human problem:

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