The Riddles of Shadows and Ignorance, that which is there by Absence instead of Presence

Why shadows move faster than the speed of light, what “information” means in physics, and why Albert Einstein used a geometry equation to answer George Bernard Shaw’s cheerful critique of science (C = 2πr).

As the radius of a circle increases, the circumference more than doubles. Thus, if r is taken to be our knowledge of everything, and it continually grows, C will more than double. And C here means our ignorance (at least that which we know we don’t know). The end result: C more than doubles every time r increases. And that is why Shaw is correct, and why our ignorance will grow as our knowledge does.

About C.P.

Collin is a professional writer and scholar. He holds an MA in Philosophy and a BA in English literature. His philosophical work has appeared in print published by Wiley/Blackwell and Open Court. More of his writings, philosophical, literary, comic, and just plain nonsensical are available online. He currently lives in Seattle where he is writing science fiction, dressing up for Cons, and wreaking havoc on his opponents (npcs and tabletop humans alike).
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