The Monkeysphere and Food Addictions worse than Heroin might be the most informative way to waste time on the internet. To see the very best of their team at work, read The Monkeysphere (1). It is grade A+ philosophy and sociology that’s also entertaining. and Philosophy would make an awesome book. Get on that Wiley-Blackwell.

For a commute of unforgettable proportions, listen to their podcast. This one is a choice Fat Salt Sugar
pick: Why the Food Industry Is Way More Evil Than You Think (2).

That’s how I found the glories of the Monkeysphere today. Really their most important topic is on how obesity and food corporations will go the same way as cancer and Big Tobacco did (on a the level of civil, political, and medical interest). A valuable statistic: breaking heroin (75% chance of relapse) is more likely than breaking overeating addictions (99% chance of relapse). 

OmnivoresDilemmaStrong sources under their research toolbelt include Michael Moss and Michael Pollan.
Note: if you haven’t read, or seen Botany of Desire, you are poor in mind, spirit, and awareness of the awesomeness of plants.


P.S. Was your commute terrible as you chowed down on your woodpulp muffin? This will laugh you stupid: Burning Man: Post Apocalyptic Disneyland on Drugs (3).



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