My Post-Cyberpunk Novel

I’m working on a novel. The problem is, novels are slow, they’re long and they’re like putting all your retirement money into Microsoft stock: it’s probably not a good idea. For simplicity and speed, I’m writing short stories. With any luck, they’ll all be lumped together in some volume down the line like a delicious literary cheeseburger (or perhaps  curry).

The first two stories, totalling about 110 pages are: “The Me@t Scr@pers” and “The Grinders. They are stand alone stories, and at the same time, they interrelate like Kentucky hillbillies. I think it’s the best of all worlds because these stories can be published separately now and also combined later, like I have planned. My especially great news is that they are both done and being reviewed by publishers.

The Meat Scrapers_jpgI’ll include sneak peeks here of the first page of each. Good luck predicting the plots. Both stories have to do with rapidly evolving technologies combined with new societal (media) trends.

What happens when there is a group of people who can record everything that happens to them 24/7? How would they make money? What trouble could they get into? How would the government, business, and the world react to them? These are all questions with complex answers in The Me@t Scr@pers.” 

The Grinders_jpgThere are real people implanting electronics into their bodies for fun. It’s wild stuff, and it all sounds like the future is happening too fast–that’s an overarching concept in my Post-Cyberpunk novel. Assuming things like this grow bigger, what would the future look like just 10 years from now? What would get more people to become bio-hackers and why? Who would try and help and who would try and stop them? Look no further than The Grinders.” Considering the huge problems this holds for healthcare and medicine, my story also contains a hospitals,  health insurance, and a pharmaceutical companies as big players. 


About C.P.

Collin is a professional writer and scholar. He holds an MA in Philosophy and a BA in English literature. His philosophical work has appeared in print published by Wiley/Blackwell and Open Court. More of his writings, philosophical, literary, comic, and just plain nonsensical are available online. He currently lives in Seattle where he is writing science fiction, dressing up for Cons, and wreaking havoc on his opponents (npcs and tabletop humans alike).
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