Article: Best Word Games For Kids

2018. I feel old just saying it. Time to get some writing done, and get paid for it, I decided. Turned out not to be too hard to find a few places that are happy for writers to contribute. Who knew!? So, voila, my first article of 2018 below!

“The Best Word & Spelling Games for Kids.” First published February 2, 2018.

Fun Fact: Apparently I’m super stoked to get kids reading just so they can play Scrabble. If only this article was about games in general, I would have thrown in more excuses to start them on MTG and Catan. You can’t see it, but I’m rubbing my hands together like an evil genius intent on hooking your kids on tabletop games. I’ll be found guilty of corrupting the youth probably.

The Best Word & Spelling Games for Kids Rated in 2018

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