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PUT them in nature

It’s like the best short story ever. Give little Evie a TED talk already. http://i.imgur.com/3xngl5v.jpg P.S. Found this through reddit.

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“All of us in here are rabbits of varying ages and degrees, hippity-hopping through our Walt Disney world.”

-One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1.5)

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Philosophy Society Weekly Discussion Group drinking rules

from the scrolls of the Philosophy Society at the University of Edinburgh: S must drink iff they are accused of… – Talking continuously for more than three minutes – Claiming that the other person can’t understand what you are saying … Continue reading

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What Ever Happened to Internet Radio?

Collin Pointon Class: Communications-Chapman Radio 12/1/2010 This essay is a response to the question: “In your opinion, what will the future of radio be? How will this affect the future of Chapman Radio?” I happen to know precisely the future … Continue reading

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One thing that differentiates humans from animals is that animals have an intense will for survival.

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