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BioShock’s Meta-Narrative

Check out my published chapter on BioShock! Pointon, C. (2015) BioShock‘s Meta-Narrative, in BioShock and Philosophy: Irrational Game, Rational Book (ed L. Cuddy), John Wiley & Sons, Inc, Hoboken, NJ.   DOI: BioShock’s Meta-Narrative          Print ISBN: 9781118915868 Video … Continue reading

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The Monkeysphere and Food Addictions worse than Heroin

Cracked.com might be the most informative way to waste time on the internet. To see the very best of their team at work, read The Monkeysphere (1). It is grade A+ philosophy and sociology that’s also entertaining. Cracked.com and Philosophy would … Continue reading

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“I can’t resist it. I always feel the strong compulsion to build upon whatever I enjoy, to understand it better. I can’t listen to a song without harmonizing with it, and I can’t play a game without imbuing it with sheaves upon sheaves of personally relevant contextual information.”

-Jerry Holkins,  http://www.penny-arcade.com/news/post/2008/01/11/rigorous-scholarship And the comic strip from that day:

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“Lies Were More Dependable than the Truth” Second Publication of 2013

It’s out! Buy it now! It’s actually pretty cheap, so come on already. “Lies were more Dependable than the Truth.” In Ender’s Game and Philosophy, eds. D.E. Wittkower and Lucinda Rush, 213-222. Chicago: Open Court, November, 2013. http://www.opencourtbooks.com/books_n/ enders_game.htm.     … Continue reading

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